So glad you found us at Wandering With, A Practical Guide for World Travellers and Those Who Dream of Travelling. We are Debra, a retired music/band teacher and Tim, a retired mechanical engineer.  Our journey together started in 1996 when we met and married in Minnesota.  From our first trip to San Diego we realized we were good travel companions, and since then have travelled around the world as often as we could while working full time.
In 2018 we retired early, sold everything we owned, and packed what was left into three duffel bags.  This started our journey of being full time worldwide nomads. We plan on wandering the world, visiting each country for a month to a few months.  We’ll be in remote areas hiking, large cities checking out the culture and people, and everything in-between.

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Northern Israel

The Sea of Galilee (above) We took a couple of days away from Jerusalem and went on a tour in...

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Spring 2022

It has been a good winter for knitting throughout Belgium, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and...

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Gibraltar 2021

After nearly three months in Belgium, it was time to move on. We needed to get out of the Schengen...

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Fall 2021

Baby sweater set for a maternity hospital in Portugal. Along with knitting sweaters for my...

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Spring 2021

The feature photo is from a tiny sweater I knit for my niece’s girl. Here is my “live...

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Dublin, Ireland

It is confounding how quickly life changed for everyone as Covid-19 rearranged lives this past...

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Tim and the baby elephant being playful. Ok, so it’s been a long time since our last post....

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In the kitchen

Ok, so it’s not our typical kitchen. But we are enjoying our coronavirus isolation in...

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